Israel Brooks CEO/Producer/Writer/Director
John Hounsell CFO/Producer
Lee Simonds Producer

The First Member Owned, Blockchain Based, Royalties-For-All Production Studio

Get Ready To Join Our Revolutionary Studio!
Our Owners Are In For A Very Exciting, Unprecedented Journey Into The World Of Filmmaking!
Every project undertaken by Fast Fire Films 2.0 has ownership and revenue distribution recorded in blockchain technology providing security and seamless delivery of profit shares to our owners. 
We are also the first production company to incorporate royalties for every person employed by our productions. 

See the OWNERS page for more info!   

Our Mission

Fast Fire Films sets out to brand itself in the film and television industry as a creator of inspiring, informative and entertaining content that leaves audiences wanting more. We are passionate storytellers striving to bring authenticity and tangibility to unique narratives. Fast Fire Films aims to shift the paradigm by making better quality content, built on a better business model, designed to better the world. 

Fast Fire Films 2.0

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